In autumn 2011, Baptist Coelho and Nadia Kaabi-Linke were invited into residency following a competitive open call for artists with a socially-engaged practice that involves sculpture. The residencies aimed to provide an opportunity for research and engagement  and the production of new works for exhibition.

The project considered sculpture in its broadest sense, supporting innovative approaches that further the possibilities of sculpture as a medium and how it might intersect with other artforms and new media. The requirement for audience engagement, in the research, conceptualization or production stage, provided an opportunity for a site-specific, locally engaged work in response to the area or the communities in which the Pump House Gallery is located.

During their residencies, Baptist and Nadia investigated how we communicate individual and historic experiences of social conflict. The resulting exhibition Social States included sculptures and installations developed through close personal encounters with individual participants. Coelho’s work engaged in our perception of the military and events specific to World War II, whilst Kaabi-Linke explored the marks and scars of domestic abuse. Together, their works reflected a depth of engagement and exploration in translating complex issues.