From 2009-2011, Visiting Arts, in partnership with Delfina Foundation, provided opportunities for artists from the UK and the Middle East & North Africa to come together and initiate new conversations across international borders.

Artist-to-Artist enabled artists from the UK to invite artists from overseas, through a joint application process, for a visit of up to three weeks.  The structure of the programme was tailored by the artists themselves and placed emphasis firmly on research and the exchange of ideas rather than production, free from any obligation to produce a prescribed outcome.  The public dimension of the project took on the form of artist talks and screenings.

2009 Participating Pairs:

Behrang Samadzadegan (Tehran) and Aikaterini Gegisian (Bristol)
Farshid Azarang (Tehran) and Ronnie Close (Bristol)
Neda Razavipour (Tehran) and Ania Bas (London)
Poshiya Kakil (Erbil) and Anne Bean (London)

In 2009, the overseas artist spent a week with the UK artist, visiting their studio, meeting contacts, networking and discussing ideas. Due to restrictive visa issues, Poshiya Kakil was denied the opportunity to travel to the UK from Iraqi-Kurdistan but she and Anne Bean have been collaborating virtually via PAVESproject.

2010 Participating Pairs:

Ali Cherri (Beirut) and Robin Deacon (London)
Doa Aly (Cairo) and Delta Arts (Portsmouth)
Volkan Aslan and Iz Oztat (Istanbul) and Rebecca Weeks and Steven Peige of Western Alliance (Cornwall)

In 2010, the overseas artist spent 2-3 weeks in the UK and participated in WORKSPACES, a public programme of events that explored ideas around collaboration, mobility and site-specifity in relation to their working environments.

2011 Participating Pairs:

Khaled Hafez (Cairo) and Onya McCausland (London)
Ines Jerray (Tunis) and Gayle Chong Kwan (London)

In 2010, the overseas artist spent 1-2 weeks in the UK and participated in PRESENT, a series of events that considered the impact of intense immersion in shared time / space on artistic relationships, connections, perspectives and practice. Tunisian artist Ines Jerray visited Gayle Chong Kwan for a creative dialogue around ideas that cross-over and connect their work, focusing on animation as a way of exploring hybridization, the senses, cognition, memory, and landscapes of difference. Khaled Hafez travelled from Cairo to meet Onya McCausland in London. They worked on a joint project, stemming from their initial encounter 16 years ago when they met in the Siwa Oasis in the Egyptian desert, only to lose contact.

Artist-to-Artist has been supported by the Henry Moore Foundation, Arts Council England and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.