In 2015, Delfina Foundation announced a new partnership with SongEun Art & Cultural Foundation for an annual residency for Korean artists through SongEun’s network of activities.

The SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation residency is three months in duration at Delfina Foundation each year for three years starting in summer 2015. The opportunity is open to artists that have take part in SongEun’s activities.

SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation was established by Mr. Yoo, Sung Yeon in 1989.  Following the wishes and spirit of the founder, the foundation has been supporting young up-and-coming Korean artists through the SongEun ArtCube and the annual SongEun ArtAward (since 2001). Chairman Yoo received the Montblanc Award for Arts Philantropy in 2016 and donated the €15,000 award to Delfina Foundation to support additional residencies.

Established in 2010, SongEun ArtSpace is dedicated to promoting contemporary art through significant exhibitions and various related programs.  Located in the heart of the vibrant Chung Dam District of southern Seoul, SongEun ArtSpace produces and hosts non-commercial exhibitions across the three floors, with a cafe/restaurant and a multi-functional event hall.


Sejin Kim

London: 28/09/2020 — 20/12/2020

Jaye Rhee

London: 18/02/2019 — 31/03/2019

Moonjung Hwang

London: 08/01/2019 — 17/02/2019

Jungju An

London: 04/06/2018 — 14/08/2018

Soyoung Chung

London: 26/06/2017 — 17/09/2017

Geumhyung Jeong

London: 03/04/2017 — 25/06/2017

Jungki Beak

London: 26/09/2016 — 08/12/2016

Jaebum Kim

London: 06/07/2015 — 27/09/2015