Delfina Foundation has been working in partnership with SAHA since 2013 on developing residency opportunities for Turkish cultural practitioners.

SAHA Association aims to contribute towards the presence and visibility of contemporary art from Turkey and offers its support to artistic projects working in line with this vision. SAHA directly collaborates with international arts institutions for the realisation of commissioned or invited projects; acts as a facilitator in the project development phase and raises funds if and when necessary.

Delfina Foundation and SAHA collaborate on residencies to support contemporary Turkish artists and curators as well as build awareness in the UK of contemporary art from Turkey via public programmes at Delfina Foundation.


Dicle Beştaş

London: 11/07/2022 — 07/08/2022

Sena Başöz

London: 02/05/2022 — 29/05/2022

Sena Başöz

London: 09/01/2020 — 28/02/2020

Burak Arikan

London: 07/10/2019 — 03/11/2019

Murat Adash

London: 02/04/2018 — 24/06/2018

Özge Ersoy

London: 29/05/2017 — 25/06/2017

Serkan Taycan

London: 23/08/2016 — 18/09/2016

Onur Gökmen

London: 14/08/2015 — 18/10/2015

Övül Ö.Durmuşoğlu

London: 08/04/2014 — 19/05/2014

Işıl Eğrikavuk

London: 12/05/2014 — 23/06/2014

Merve Ünsal

London: 23/09/2013 — 23/12/2013


Ali Miharbi: Wind Organ

16/08/2017 — 26/11/2017
New Commission

Didem Pekün: Of Dice And Men

03/03/2016 — 01/04/2016