A partnership between Videobrasil, Casa Tomada and Delfina Foundation.

The Videobrasil em Contexto Prize (Videobrasil in Context) was focused on artists from Brazil and the Middle East & North Africa, under the age of 35, whose practice involved a strong element of research and who were interested in the notion of the archive as a starting point for a new work. The residency supported the production of a new work in response to Videobrasil’s 20-year-old collection of film and video from the geopolitical South.

Selected through a competitive open call the winners were awarded a three-month residency split between Casa Tomada in São Paulo and Delfina Foundation in London from mid-September until December 2012.

The collection available to each artist included the film and videos that have been part of the Southern Panoramas show since the 8th edition (1990) of the Videobrasil Festival, when the organisation focused on the geopolitical South as part of its mission to promote artists from the places which have been traditionally bordering and outside of the main art world circuit. This Collection consisted of a wide variety of artistic languages, subjects, discourses, and intentions. From immersive contact with this Collection, the selected artists developed their projects.

Alongside their six-weeks at Casa Tomada in São Paulo and at Delfina Foundation in London, the artists worked in a collaborative environment with critical engagement through discussion meetings, texts, and/or activities. During their stay in London, the artist presented their projects, their research processes and works of their choosing from the collection at Whitechapel Gallery.

The completed works formed part of an exhibition at Videobrasil in 2016. More information here.

The Videobrasil em Contexto Prize’s main sponsor is SESC.

Residencies supported

Claudio Bueno

London/Sao Paulo: 17/09/2012 — 07/12/2012

Mahmoud Khaled

London/Sao Paulo: 17/09/2012 — 17/12/2012