Through this partnership MATE and Delfina Foundation aimed to encourage creative exchange between Peru and the UK and promote Peruvian artists internationally.

MATE is a non-profit institution established to contribute to Peru through the cultivation and promotion of culture and heritage. Founded in 2012 by photographer Mario Testino, MATE is a manifestation of Testino’s pride for his native country and a desire to give back through culture.

Between 2014 and 2017 an artist was nominated for Delfina Foundation’s residency programme.


Amapola Prada

London: 10/07/2017 — 20/08/2017

Alan Poma

London: 26/09/2016 — 06/11/2016

José Vera Matos

London: 18/08/2015 — 28/09/2015

Philippe Gruenberg

London: 08/07/2014 — 23/09/2014