Initiated in 2015, Delfina Foundation’s partnership with the Czech Centre London and Arts and Theatre Institute has enabled annual residencies, selected through open calls, for Czech artists and curators. In 2019 Kunsthalle Praha joined with these two existing partners to support Czech residents, in addition to being the sole supporter of an annual residency for Central and Eastern European curators.

The Czech Centre‘s mission is to actively promote the Czech Republic by showcasing Czech culture in the UK. Its programme covers visual and performing arts, film, literature, music, architecture, design and fashion. As well as hosting its own events, the Czech Centre offers support for other groups organising Czech related initiatives in the UK.The Czech Centre London opened in 1993. It is a non-political organisation supported by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs as one of 24 Czech Centres around the world.

The Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI)’s mission is to provide the Czech and international public with comprehensive services in the field of theatre and individual services relating to the arts (music, literature, dance, and the visual arts). The ATI is a state contributory organisation that was established by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Kunsthalle Praha is a new space for culture and the arts currently being developed in the historical centre of Prague. Once the reconstruction is completed, Kunsthalle Praha will offer visitors an extensive programme of exhibition and educational projects, cultural events and social activities.


The following residencies have been supported by various combinations of these Czech partners. Please refer to the individual resident profiles for the specific details of their residency and supporters.

Petra Matić

London: 29/02/2024 — 27/03/2024

Ondřej Vavrečka

London: 03/04/2023 — 14/05/2023

Monika Čejková

London: 13/03/2023 — 02/04/2023

Tautvydas Urbelis

London: 20/02/2023 — 12/03/2023

Václav Janoščík

London: 20/06/2022 — 10/07/2022

Šárka Zahálková

London: 20/06/2022 — 31/07/2022

Lucia Gavulová

London: 30/05/2022 — 19/06/2022

Adam Vackar

London: 20/09/2021 — 31/10/2021

Rado Ištok

London: 20/09/2021 — 17/10/2021

Jen Kratochvil

London: 31/05/2021 — 27/06/2021

Jaro Varga

London: 16/09/2019 — 27/10/2019

Radek Brousil

London: 04/03/2019 — 14/04/2019

Tereza Záchová

London: 04/03/2019 — 10/04/2019

Lucie Drdova

London: 15/01/2018 — 25/02/2018

Tereza Jindrová

London: 20/02/2017 — 02/04/2017

Tomáš Uhnák

London: 18/08/2016 — 31/08/2016

Michal Novotný

London: 11/01/2016 — 21/02/2016