Delfina Foundation collaborates with the Charles Wallace India Trust and Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation on an annual residency for an Indian artist or curator.

Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation was established by Indoo Shivdasani in 1976 as a permanent platform for his philanthropic activities. The Foundation focuses on providing scholarships, grants and awards in any field to outstanding young Indians to develop their professional, scientific, artistic and cultural abilities.

Charles Wallace India Trust enables Indians in the early to mid stages of their careers to spend time in the UK, helping them to achieve artistic, academic and professional ambitions and to broaden their international contacts.

Our collaboration supports an artist or curator each year through a competitive open call for applications.


Soumya Sankar Bose

London: 22/06/2022 — 11/09/2022

Priyanka D’Souza

London: 20/09/2021 — 19/12/2021

Salik Ansari

London: 30/09/2019 — 22/12/2019

Madhu Das

London: 01/10/2018 — 23/12/2018

Avani Tanya

London: 12/06/2017 — 24/09/2017

Deepa Bhasthi

London: 27/06/2016 — 18/09/2016

Gitanjali Dang

London: 27/07/2015 — 18/10/2015

Pallavi Paul

London: 14/07/2014 — 28/09/2014