In 2021, Delfina Foundation began a partnership with EACHEVE to provide a biannual three-month residency for a contemporary Ecuadorian visual artist, based in Ecuador, selected through an open call.

The first open call (with additional support from Artus Ecuador), issued in September 2021, led to the selection of two artists, and the residency duration on this occasion was split between them.

Founded by Eliana Hidalgo in 2014 as a publishing house, responding to the fragility of artistic memory in the country, EACHEVE became a non-profit foundation in 2021, with a primary mission of promoting Ecuadorian art internationally and creating new opportunities for Ecuadorian artists.


Pamela Cevallos

London: 02/04/2024 — 23/06/2024

Leandro Pesantes

London: 06/01/2023 — 05/02/2023

Adrián Balseca

London: 08/01/2022 — 13/03/2022