In 2019, Delfina Foundation began a partnership with the newly-established Asymmetry Art Foundation, to provide accommodation and mentoring as part of Delfina Foundation’s residency programme for Asymmetry’s Curatorial Fellowships, which provide placements in UK arts institutions for mid-career Asian curators.

Asymmetry is a London-based independent, non-profit initiative dedicated to nurturing curatorial practice and developing cultural knowledge in and about Asia through global exchange.


Zoe Diao

London: 20/09/2021 — 27/03/2022

In 2019 Zian Chen was selected as an Asymmetry Curatorial Fellow and travelled to London in March 2020 for his fellowship. However, due to the escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK and the implementation of a national lockdown, he returned to Taiwan later that month having been unable to fully take on the position. As his professional schedule conflicts with a rescheduling of the fellowship, all of the partners hope to collaborate with Zian again in the future.