New partnership to support creative exchange between Peru and the UK.

Courtesy: Philippe Gruenberg

Delfina Foundation is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with MATE, Museo Mario Testino. MATE is a non-profit institution established to contribute to Peru through the cultivation and promotion of culture and heritage. Founded in 2012 by photographer Mario Testino, MATE is a manifestation of Testino’s pride for his native country and a desire to give back through culture.

Through this partnership MATE aims to encourage creative exchange between Peru and the UK and promote Peruvian artists internationally. Peruvian artist Philippe Gruenberg will be in residence at Delfina Foundation between July and September 2014. During his residency Gruneberg will be conducting research for an exhibition, which will take place at MATE in 2015.

Gruenberg’s work looks at the construction of an imaginary through edifications whose order is constantly pierced by intersections and conflicts. The formal rigidity of the framing of these images subtly reassesses each structure in an operation that withdraws from and questions notions of time and history. Recently his work used different media to focus on the construction of small narratives and symbolic journeys revolving around the idea of landscape as seen through an urban perspective.

His work has been exhibited at the 25th Sao Paulo Art Biennial (2002), IX Cuenca International Biennial (2007), Pinacoteca of Sao Paolo, Lima Art Museum, Contemporary Art and Design Museum of Costa Rica, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge and the Lothringerdreizehn, Munich, Germany, as well as several other venues. He is also a founding member and co-director of the artist-run spaces Galeria del Escusado and Espacio La Culpable (2002-2008).