Yu’an Huang (UK associate) curates situations and makes relational social sculptures influenced by the transnational experience in the post-globalisation era. Her multidisciplinary practice often presents in events, conversations, or text format. Yu’an sees viewers as performing agents, life as a research method and herself as a catalyst, framed by either an art space or a sociocultural context.

During her Asymmetry Foundation curatorial writing fellowship at Chisenhale Gallery – in partnership with Delfina Foundation, Yu’an intends to collate five years worth of research and produce fiction stories that will be launched as parts of KUA 跨, a cross-media publication investigating human condition through the lens of transnational experiences.

Born in Taiwan, Yu’an is currently based between London and Berlin. In 2018, she founded LOA gallery in London, focused on working with artists with transnational backgrounds.


Asymmetry Art Foundation


Autumn 2021 & Winter 2022




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