Yina Jiménez Suriel (Dominican Republic) is a curator whose practice is an ongoing investigation into emancipation and the construction of imaginations in the human species. She thinks from, about and through the tools created from aesthetic thought to expand the subjectivities and the perceptive system of the human being. The aim is contribute to the generation of worlds-imaginations in relation with all living beings with whom we cohabit; imaginations where our bodies assume constant movement as an intrinsic part of life. She titles this research La historia de las montañas [The history of mountains] because emancipation through generation of imaginations is directly linked to certain geographies, with mountains being the main scenario from which different worlds have been thought by human beings, as such, the history of mountains is also the history of emancipation.

During her residency at Delfina Foundation, Yina is interested in researching archives and collections in relation to sonorities created by different communities that have thought about freedom from different parts of the planet as well as tracking their presence and evolution in contemporary artistic practices. This research emerges from a transversal axis to her interest in the sonorities and the movement of the body linked to potencia vital (as psychoanalyst Suely Rolnik refers to desire). Over the last year and a half, Yina has been compiling information in relation to certain types of music with a direct link to the sonorities conceived in maroon communities in the American continent.

Yina Jiménez Suriel is a curator and researcher with a master’s degree in visual studies. She is Associate Editor of the magazine Contemporary And (C&) for Latin America and the Caribbean. She’s Associate Curator of the Caribbean Art Initiative. Among the exhibitions she has curated are: Vehículos. Una revisión (2018) at Casa Quien (Dominican Republic); one month after being known in that island (2020) at the Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger (Switzerland) together with the artist Pablo Guardiola; and ¿cómo se construye un río? (2022) at Saenger Galería (Mexico) together with contemporary art historian Haydeé Rovirosa. She has collaborated in public programs and workshops at Beta Local, La Cresta, Espacio en Blanco, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Panamá, among others. Yina has written for exhibition catalouges of the San Luis Obispo Museum and the Denver Museum of Art, and on contemporary art and visual culture in publications such as Foam Magazine, Terremoto, Contemporary And, and Revista de Arte de la UNAM, among others.

Yina lives and works in the Dominican Republic.


Delfina Foundation’s Network of Latin American and the Caribbean Patrons


Summer 2022


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