Yasamin Ghalehnoie (Iran/UK) writes, makes videos, and facilitates alternative pedagogies. Developed through field studies and trans-local collaborative slow processes, they research informal economies, non-uniformity, and collective reproduction of the commons. Being part of collectives and alternative educational programmes, such as their residency at Documenta Fifteen, engagement with Decolonize Architecture and rural alternative educational programmes, Yasamin mediates the ground for radical pedagogies and long-term engagements.

As a UK associate at Delfina Foundation, Yasamin aims to look further into the intersections of freelance and informal economies with politics of care and reproductive labour. In doing that, they question the conditions through which long-term collaborations and transnational alliances could be materialised and sustained toward a redefinition of debt and restorative forms of care.

Yasamin holds an MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Yasamin was born in Iran. They live between the UK and Iran, and are currently based in London.


MOP Foundation


Winter 2023




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