Waheeda Malullah (Bahrain) uses video, photography, installation and performance to playfully examine the roles adopted by Islamic women and the rules and mechanisms that control the world in which she lives.

In previous work, Waheeda used sports and competition to identify the rules of the social game, and expose the situations in which grown-ups are all losers. In Play (2006, video), football, Bahrain’s national sport, is used as a model and a structure for the staging of Waheeda’s feelings and the projection of her desires.

Waheeda Malullah graduated from RIAM, Bahrain, in 2002. In 2005 she was artist-in-residence at the Towhouse Gallery (Cairo, Egypt). In 2007, she participated in numerous exhibitions, in Spain, Athens, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stuttgart and Paris. Waheeda currently lives and works in Bahrain.

In association with:

Al Riwaq Art Space


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