Tomáš Uhnák (Czech Republic) uses gastronomy in and outside of the gallery as a political and social tool. Member of art collective P.O.L.E. he is also co-founder of Initiative for Food Sovereignty based in the Czech Republic, which promotes solidarity cooperative food systems. Uhnák investigates the role of chefs in society and the societal and cultural role of gastronomic events in the Czech Republic from 1918 until today. He also regularly lectures on the possible impacts of the TTIP treaty for food producers and consumers.

At Delfina Foundation Uhnák will create two different works. Taking inspiration from the playful use of Dérive – psychogeography by the Situationists he will deliver a field trip through London visiting various places that tell city’s relationship to food. Drawing on his experience from the Initiative for Food Sovereignty and his research on TTIP, Uhnák will allow participants to engage in informal meetings with various experts, farmers and activists suggesting new perspectives on social interdependency. For the second he will prepare a special meal for those visiting Delfina Foundation on the culminating weekend of the programme. Using recipes from Vincent M. Holt’s 1885 manifesto, Why not eat insects? He will embrace Holt’s original concerns about the diets of those from challenging socio-economic backgrounds to discuss contemporary diet. This will form a cookbook that Uhnák will show in Prague in October.

With support from


The Politics of Food:
Season 3


Summer 2016


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