The Center for Genomic Gastronomy, Cobalt 60 BBQ, 2014.

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy is an artist-led think tank that studies the organisms and environments that are manipulated by human food cultures.

Their mission is to: map food controversies;  prototype alternative culinary futures; and imagine a more just, biodiverse & beautiful food system.

Their work has included a three-month pop-up restaurant, a supper club that travels the globe, a radiation-bred BBQ sauce, and an online cooking show featuring the first commercially available transgenic animal as an ingredient.

The Center has collaborated with chefs, hackers, scientists and farmers in Asia, Europe and North America, and their work has been presented at the Science Gallery (Dublin), the San Jose Museum of Art, the Lisbon Architecture Triennale.


The Politics of Food:
Season 2


Spring 2015

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