Tayfun Serttaş (Turkey) is an artist, writer and researcher. His installation-focused work involves various media including ready-mades, found objects, sculptures, videos, photographs, artist’s books and drawings around a documentary theme. From various viewpoints, Tayfun interrogates normative memory based on the model of “modern society”, assuming a psycho-strategic position encountering dominant streams of consciousness in his work. He conducts interdisciplinary research into the social interruptions of recent history and their complex impact within the equation of the individual, identity and culture. Tayfun attempts to construct a visual language drawing strength from experimental narratives between social sciences and contemporary art disciplines.

Born in 1982, Tayfun Serttaş graduated from the Istanbul University Social Anthropology Department in 2004. He completed his MA at the Yıldız Technical University Art and Design Faculty Interdisciplinary Art program in 2007 with a thesis titled Photography And Minorities in Istanbul in the Context of Modernism and Cultural Representation. Since 2000 he has taken part in numerous domestic and international academic projects. The themes of his work include urban anthropology, social gender, the cultural heritage of ‘the other’, the critique of civil society, the sociology of everyday life, minorities, urban transformation, sex workers, immigration and change, socio-political strategies and minor politics. Tayfun continues his studio work within the scope of SALT Research Center and continues to write for the Taraf newspaper. He lives in Istanbul and Bodrum.

Tayfun was the second Accented resident through a network partnership including Platform Garanti CAC (Istanbul, Turkey), Vector Association (Iasi, Romania), Ashkal Alwan (Beirut, Lebanon), Townhouse Gallery (Cairo, Egypt), Delfina Foundation (London, UK) and Spike Island (Bristol, UK).

With additional support from

Garanti Platform Contemporary Art Centre (Istanbul)

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