Courtesy Standart Thinking.

Standart Thinking (UK associate) is a collaborative project led by Javier Rodriguez and Lise Hovesen, based at the Old Rotherhithe Library in London. Their practice is rooted in action research and education set within a social-ecological framework.

Standart Thinking aim to promote practical knowledge and understanding, or, just plain common sense – formulating ideas and alternative lines of action that challenge the Western hegemonic premise: the predominance of one culture over another, the precedence of specialised knowledge over localised knowledge and competition over cooperation. Investigating the potential for cross-fertilisation between art, design and agriculture, they seek to provide a meeting place for the integration of practices and skill sharing between artists, food producers and economists. This is facilitated through the formulation of a multi-layered critique; spanning diverse activities such as workshops & rural field-trips, film, installation, cookery shows, publishing, performance and design. Their publication FIELDS provides a comprehensive overview of their theoretical discourse, exploring the potential transition from Monoculture to Permaculture, and has recently been published in Spanish by Campo Adentro.

Recent projects include: Survival Library at Lower Hewood Farm, 2 fish + 5 loaves dinner, harvesting their aquaponics system for Delfina Foundation. Cosmdernism exhibition and Familiar Earthperformance with Nissa Nishikawa for Anarch Colony Network, Kaleid Book Fair, Venezuela in Venn screening at BFI, Fieldtrips for AcrossRCA, Sustain Talk Breaking Down Barriers at the Royal College of Art. Panel Discussion series Changing Perspectives on subversion, fields, education and senses, The Extended Mind lecture by Rupert Sheldrake, Mystic Thinking Horoscope published by Waterside Contemporary, and collaborations with Aggro-Ecological collective Tierra y Libertad in Venezuela.

Standart Thinking is a UK-based associates participating in The Politics of Food programme.

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