Sonya Dyer (UK associate) works mainly across moving image, text and sculpture, with an interest in the construction of possible futures, creating alliances and subjectivities across cultures and temporalities. She posits Black women of myth and science as progenitors of the future, asking critical questions about in whose image the future is made.

Sonya’s ongoing body of work, Hailing Frequencies Open (HFO), intersects the Greek myth of Andromeda, the complex legacy of HeLa cells and Nichelle Nicols’ (‘Star Trek’s’ Uhura) pioneering astronaut recruitment work with NASA in the 1970s, building a world that reconfigures our collective futures.

As a UK associate artist during Delfina Foundation’s second season of science_technology_society programme, Sonya will continue to develop video works based on interviews with eminent scientists and will also produce a parafictional podcast.

With support from

Gaia Art Foundation


Season 2


Autumn 2020

Artist’s website



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