Image courtesy Sofía Babis

Sofía Babis (Argentina) is a User Experience (UX) professional with a strong passion for education and the potential it holds when approached from a human-centred perspective. Through her research practice, Sofía aims to demonstrate the transformative power of placing the learner at the centre of the design process to create engaging educational experiences.

As a Brooks Fellow, through her joint residency with Delfina Foundation and Tate, Sofía will be collaborating with colleagues across Tate to conduct research and develop a learner-centred online model for adult learning experiences.

Sofía holds a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Psychology, with her final dissertation subject being the design of educational spaces and its impact on the learning process. Through her professional experience working in diverse industries, she has gained expertise in user-centric design applying this knowledge to improve digital experiences. The pandemic and her experiences volunteering in education have further reinforced her belief in the potential of digital tools in education.

Sofia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is currently based in London, UK.

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The Brooks International Fellowship Programme

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Spring 2023 & Summer 2023


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