Shiraz Bayjoo (UK associate) in his practice explores the socio-political and historical conditions integral to Mauritian cultural identity and the wider Indian Ocean region. He works with vernacular histories, critical texts, public collections and archives, culminating in a multidisciplinary practice. Shiraz’s works consider the language of race, decolonisation, and the entangled legacies of European colonialism.

As a UK associate artist for Collecting as Practice, Shiraz will be exploring collections in UK institutions relating to the Indian Ocean, and the colonial legacies they continue to resonate and carry today. He hopes to expand dialogues and debate around questions of de-colonisation both in-relation to the collections but also with the historical patrimony of these institutions that hold them. 

Shiraz has exhibited at: Institute of International Visual Arts, London; New Art Exchange, Nottingham; 5th Edition Dhaka Art Summit; 14th Biennale of Sharjah; 13th Biennale of Dakar; and 21st Biennale of Sydney. He is a recipient of the Gasworks Fellowship and the Arts Council of England. His work is represented in public and private collections both in Europe and Asia.


Collecting as Practice:
Season 3 & Season 4


Spring 2021 & Autumn 2021

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