Courtesy Sepideh Karami

Sepideh Karami (Iran) is an architect, researcher and writer whose work investigates new modes of practice, which she calls interruption. Her artistic research and practice stems from street politics, dissidence and the micropolitics of everyday life.

For Karami, interruption is a performative, critical practice of architecture and a way of questioning dominant systems. Furthermore, it is a tactic that is able to act from within architectural objects and urban spaces, transforming them from a finished object to a performing ground. She develops her work through various media, among them are critical fiction, photography, self-published zines and books.

Karami graduated from Iran University of Science and Technology with an M.A. in Architecture in 2001. Since graduating, she has been committed to teaching, research and practice. In 2010 she achieved her second masters in Design for Sustainable Development at Chalmers University, Sweden and in mid-2010 she began work as a guest researcher at Umeå School of Architecture, where she is currently a PhD candidate.


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