Sarah Rifky

Sarah Rifky (Egypt) lives, writes, talks, curates and teaches in Cairo, Egypt and elsewhere. She has been Curator of the Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art since 2009 and has taught at the American University in Cairo and MASS Alexandria in 2010.

Sarah studied Visual Art and Mass Communication at the American University in Cairo and received her MFA in Critical Studies from the Malmö Art Academy, Lund University in Sweden.

She co-edited the artist book Damascus: Tourists, Artists and Secret Agents. Her projects include Invisible Publics (Cairo, 2010), The Popular Show (Cairo, 2011), An accord is first and foremost a proposition (New York, 2011), and The Bergen Accords (Bergen, 2011). She is the founding director of CIRCA (Cairo International Resource Center for Arts).

Sarah was the recipient of the first DELFINA-FICA Research Fellowship alongside Nida Ghouse.

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