Lee Mingwei, Mending Project, 2009-2013. Part of Rudy Tseng's collection and loaned to the Venice Biennale in 2017.

Rudy Tseng (Taiwan) is an independent curator and a full-time art collector based in Taipei and actively involved in the international art scene, sitting on several international committees.

Rudy began collecting art over 20 years ago, starting with modern art before moving into contemporary art a few years later. He founded his contemporary art collection on Young British Artists (YBA) and has since built a wide collection of Chinese, European/American and Asian contemporary art, including artworks by Hsieh Tehching, Chen Chieh-Jen, Michael Lin and Tsui Kuang-Yu.

Rudy’s curatorial practice includes: Peng Wei, Coming Full Circle, National Museum of History, Taiwan; Unseen Existence, Hong Kong Art Center; La Salle Aux Images, Art Stage Singapore, Taiwan Platform; Living with Art: Contemporary Art from Japan and TaiwanYi&C Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan; Documented, Doubted and Imagined Realities: Contemporary Photography from Japan and Taiwan, Yi&C Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan; and Tales of Flower and Stones, Chi-Wing Lo: Journey of Imagination and Discreet Charm of Bourgeoisie, F5 Art Space, Beijing, China. In 2013, Rudy was appointed as the artistic director of Dojima River Biennale in Osaka.

Rudy began his career in advertising before moving into the film industry. Before retiring, Rudy was an Assistant Professor at the Shieh Chien University Graduate Institute of Visual Media.


Part of Collecting as Practice



Autumn 2017


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