Rambod Vala (Iran) is an artist and designer. His practice stems from his interest in whether these two approaches can be bridged or even collapsed – filling the void between them with images, objects, texts, theories and stories emanating from both disciplines. In his work, spanning video, images and installation, Rambod weaves together realism and fantasy, politics and romance, skepticism and belief.

During his residency at Delfina Foundation, Rambod intends to complete a series of architectural 3D models based on his memory of the rooms and apartments in which he has lived. These models will then be used in a narrative video work that unfolds a subjective notion of home through personal/geopolitical stories.

Rambod Vala is the founder of Former Studio. In 2016, he was awarded the runner-up prize from The Claire Rosen & Samuel Edes Foundation and the Luminarts Fellowship from Luminarts Cultural Foundation in Chicago. In 2018, he was a finalist for the MOP CAP prize.


MOP Foundation


Winter 2022




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