Petra Matić (Croatia) is a curator, artist, and activist. Oriented around the social and spatial politics of collective actions, hospitality, and conviviality, Petra’s current research examines the socio-political histories of the Non-Aligned Movement and its constituent choreography of movement, exchanges, and solidarity. Strongly rooted in anti-colonial practices and mutual aid, she makes welcoming spaces for communities facing violence and displacement and participates actively in anti-racist knowledge exchange. She is the founder and director of Jutro, a cultural organisation working across contemporary art, heritage, and human rights.

During her residency at Delfina Foundation, Petra will work with different archives and cultural actors to place the marginalised and erased histories of Yugoslav entanglements with the Global South during the Non-Aligned Movement into a global context as part of her work on The Non-Aligned Archive, a digital community archive that documents the relationalities between Yugoslavia and/within the Global South.

Petra is presently a curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, as well as a researcher for the Trešnjevka Neighbourhood Museum. She recently presented her research on Non-Aligned Zagreb at the Institute of Economics Zagreb and Galerija VN, and has exhibited her works in exhibitions and festivals including documenta fifteen, Fotograf Festival Prague, and Ljubljana Design Biennial. She was a fellow of the Gwärtler Foundation and has curated projects for institutions and spaces including the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, the Ethnographic Museum, and the Typhlological Museum Zagreb. She has previously worked at the Grande-Synthe refugee camp, where she established a community cinema and managed a community kitchen.

Petra Matić was born and lives in Zagreb, Croatia.


Kunsthalle Praha


Winter 2024

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