Pedro Pires, View of the exhibition Doppelganger at Gallery Momo in Cape Town, South Africa, 2017.

Pedro Pires (Angola) in his practice explores questions about identity and stereotypes in relation to education and institutions. This particular interest comes from his own personal mix heritage: born in Luanda and currently living in Portugal. He uses different materials, media and everyday objects to delve into the various figurative and conceptual meanings of identity in different societies.

After spending some time in Lesbos, Greece, doing voluntary work and field research, Pedro has been developing the new project ‘Welcome/Goodbye’ in which he tackles about the migrant crisis in Europe. During his residency at Delfina Foundation, he will continue the development of his project, doing field research in the UK.

His works have been exhibited at Gallery Arte Periférica, Lisbon; Grand Palais – ArtParis Art Fair, Paris; Gallery Momo, Johannesburg and Cape Town; Arsenale di Venezia, Venice; and ELA – Espaço Luanda Arte, Luanda; PS Art Space; among others.

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