Onur Gökmen is interested in the discourses, objects and narratives that make certain codifications possible and that structure the present through a rewriting of the past. His work questions the inherent politics of existing codification mechanisms, such as usage of archaeology in modern Turkey, traditional game of cirit or public fountains of Istanbul by copying or reshaping them, often using humour to reveal their construction.

He was commissioned by Spot Production Fund in 2014 for PRODUCE 2.He is also recipient of Akbank/RHMD Contemporary artists Istanbul prize in 2011. Onur Gökmen is also a member of Istanbul based collective KABA HAT. He lives and works in İstanbul. Amongst his recent exhibitions and performances are: Stay With Me, Depo, Istanbul, 2015; Bureau Sement, TORUN, Ankara, 2014; Character, Öktem&Aykut, Istanbul, 2014; Bahane, Arter, İstanbul, 2013.

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