Ondřej Vavrečka (Czech Republic) has a multimedia artistic practice, which starts with film, collages, music, painting, performance, poetry, and sewing, and leads to informed humour about the nature of the world, humans, animals, plants and last but not least, lichens. He begins his process from physical materiality and combines philosophical thoughts, doubts and experiments with a playful approach.

During his residency at Delfina Foundation, Ondřej will use the time to develop areas of his artistic expression that he has not cultivated for some time, such as performance in public space associated with a material objects. In terms of theory, he will explore the concept and practice of the dialectical image.

Ondřej’s most recent exhibitions include: The Green File, Divadlo Pod Palmovkou, Prague, 2021; Wasted To Metal – Reloaded, Walk Thru Gallery, Hradec Králové, 2021; The Black Notebook, Café Nová Doba, Prague, 2021; Screengazer And Fire In The Sky, Kino Ponrepo, Prague, 2020; and Wasted To Metal, GAMPA, Pardubice, 2020.

Ondřej was born in Czech Republic and is currently based in Prague.


Arts and Theatre Institute, Czech Centre London, and Kunsthalle Praha


Spring 2023

Artist’s website



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