Okui Lala (Malaysia) is an artist and cultural worker. Her practice spans video and performance to community engagement. Okui’s work explores themes of identities, diaspora and belonging through the performances of domestic acts or vocational labour, such as sewing, cooking, conversing and building.

During her residency at Delfina Foundation, Okui will connect with artists and other practitioners who work with communities, to learn more about their practice and the nuances of socially/community-engaged work in different contexts. As an artist who works with video, she also intends to visit video collections in museums, institutions and archives across London.

Past presentations include shows at Singapore Biennale (2019), Festival/ Tokyo (Japan, 2019) , Yamaguchi Art Centre for Arts and Media (Japan, 2019), Para Site (Hong Kong, 2018) and National Art Gallery (Malaysia, 2017) .

Okui also facilitates visual workshops with nonprofit organisations and social groups that work with various communities in Malaysia and Japan. She is currently working on a documentary with her collaborators from the Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers Association (PERTIMIG) .

Okui is based in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia.


Delfina Foundation’s Network of Asia-Pacific Patrons


Spring 2022

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