Image courtesy: Izolyatsia.

Oksana Sarzhevska-Kravсhenko (Ukraine) is the director of IZOLYATSIA, a non-profit, multidisciplinary platform for contemporary culture based in Kyiv. The foundation’s mission is to inspire positive changes in Ukraine by using culture as an instrument. IZOLYATSIA has three intertwined directions of activity: art, education, and projects geared at activating Ukraine’s creative sector.

With a background in accounting and audit, Oksana has worked at several industrial factories in the Donbas region, collaborating with IZOLYATSIA as a volunteer, consultant, and manager. During which, she has implemented contemporary art projects in the factories she managed, regarding culture as a transformative social force. After the occupation of Donetsk by the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ in 2014, Oksana moved to Kyiv, where she joined the IZOLYATSIA team as a full member. She has since then been responsible for the international, government and business communications and fundraising as well as managing the organisation’s core activities.

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