Nisrine Boukhari (Syria) is a mixed media and installation artist based in Damascus, Syria. In her work, she uses concepts of psychogeography (the study of the laws and specific effects of the geographical environment on the emotions and behaviour of individuals) to explore our relationship to inner and domestic spaces. Principles of colour and light therapy often underline the interactive nature of her installations.

With a characteristic economy of means (her work often builds on the recurrence of mundane objects, such as ropes, post-it notes or sheets of copier paper), Nisrine creates sensorial and participatory installations which engage the body as well as the mind.

Born in 1980, Nisrine Boukhari studied Sculpture at the University in Damascus. She is co-founder and an active member of AllArtNow and has exhibited her work internationally. In 2008, she participated in the Triangle Workshop in Shatana, Jordan, and in 2010, she participated in Art OMI in New York.

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