Nicolás Grum (Chile) focuses his investigation on power relationships in their most diverse manifestations, across different contexts and media. In recent years his research has focused on official institutions, for example, museums – looking at political agendas behind their acquisitions, or the consequences of their security systems. He understands his work as a process that articulates, through manipulation or re-interpretation of historical facts, an alternative version of what is imposed as “the official truth”. Within this logic he is able to establish failed, ironic, or absurd hypotheses about the perception of social and political realities.

During his residency Nicolás intends to use the archives available in London to conduct research into the relationships between Europe and ancient heritage from South America, from which he would like to  create a series of live situations.

Nicolás hold as BFA from Universidad Católica de Chile (2001). He has participated in the Biennial 798 (Beijing, 2009), Triennial de Chile (Santiago, 2009) and various solo and group shows around Chile, New York, Berlin, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and New Zealand. He has been the recipient of several scholarships from the Ministry of Culture in Chile (2001, 2004, 2010 and 2016). Since 2010 he has been an artist-in-residence at KIOSKO (Sta Cruz, Bolivia), International Studio and Curatorial Program (New York, US), and Sculpture Center (Cleveland, US). Nicolás also has been part of several group projects based in Latin America, working in Medellin, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Valparaíso and La Paz.

With support from

Galeria Patricia Ready and Corporación Cultural Arte+

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