Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Haruna Yukawa, 2015.

Navine G. Khan-Dossos (UK associate) from a background in traditional Islamic crafts and art history, deals with the complexities of Orientalism and the Other in both historical and contemporary contexts. In her practice, Islamic art fuses with an interest in digital languages of programming and the Internet, shifting the logic of Islamic geometry to a more universal framework of the grid as a tool for producing images. Her research is diverse and she is currently working on a project about the history of women who dressed as men in order to go to sea.

As a UK Associate, Navine continued her research into cannibalism, crossing through all three of the subthemes of the residency, with cannibalism as sexual fantasy, as health-related, and present at the site’s of disasters when food is scarce. Furthermore, cannibalism allows for a critique of otherness and western moral hegemony, with tribes and non-western communities vilified and stereotyped through portrayals of cannibalism as an act of pure evil.

With support from

Arts Council England


The Politics of Food:
Season 2


Spring 2015

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