Nadia Al Issa/Christidi (Lebanon/USA) is an artist, researcher, writer, and cultural practitioner based in Beirut, Lebanon. Her interests include nationalist ideology and identification; immigration, emigrant communities, and expatriate identities; geo-politically contested and ambiguous landscapes; socially inherited narratives of birthright, roots, and ancestry; memory and its preservation practices; reenactment and oral history.

Nadia graduated with a BA in History of Art from Bryn Mawr College in 2006. She previously headed the interpretation and learning programs at Darat al Funun in Amman, Jordan, and was Assistant Director at Beirut Art Center in Lebanon. She is the author of a handbook on learning within the gallery context specific to works by contemporary Arab artists, forthcoming from the British Council and in collaboration with Tate Britian and Darat al Funun. Nadia is also the Beirut Desk Editor for Art Asia Pacific and will soon be launching, a blog dedicated to providing information on up-and-coming artists from the Arab world. She recently exhibited her first artistic project Untitled (8 km – A Tribute to Danis Tanović) (2011-ongoing) in Beirut Art Center’s Exposure 2011.

Nadia is the recipient of the second annual DELFINA-FICA Research Fellowship alongside Anannya Mehtta. During her Fellowship, Nadia will be looking at historical reenactment as a socio-cultural phenomenon but also as a practice within the arts.

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