Moonjung Hwang (South Korea), having frequently relocated since childhood, is interested in the unexpected anomalies in space and stories found in a city and its surroundings. For her, a city is a place where old and new scenery collide. She is attracted by buildings that repeat life and death and the nature that coexists with urban civilisation.

During her residency, Moonjung will explore places that residents are likely to overlook, such as a backyard or abandoned place. She will study how to arrange the collected space, material, and stories to reveal an invisible context of a discovered place.

Moonjung was educated at Glasgow School of Art, holding an MLitt Fine Art Practice, Glasgow, and Seoul National University College of Fine Arts of Sculpture, Seoul. Her recent solo show was Non-Affection for the City in Seoul in 2018.

Recent group exhibitions include: A Way to Close Transparency and to Open Darkness, Gangnam Apt, Seoul, Korea, 2018; The Clock of Time Traveler, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea, 2017; Outskirts: Outsiders of Boundary, Space Beam, Incheon, Korea, 2016. International group shows include: HUMAN: SCALE, Westbury Arts Centre, Milton Keynes, UK, 2015; Discovering the Island, Museo Mandralisca, Cefalu, Italy, 2014.

Moonjung has been in residence at Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea, MMCA Residency Goyang, Korea, Westbury Arts Centre, Milton Keynes, UK, and House for an Art Lover – AiRborne Residency, Glasgow, UK.

With support from

SongEun Art & Cultural Foundation

and additional support from

Delfina Foundation’s Network of Asia-Pacific Patrons


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