Monika Čejková (Czech Republic) is a curator of Modern and Contemporary Art Collection at National Gallery Prague. The focus of her interest is contemporary art and its modifications in the digital age and interaction with new technologies. Her recent projects, mostly curatorial or publishing, have dealt with the philosophy of new technologies, artificial intelligence (exhibition: Hypertension23, 2023), motive of cyber culture as well as the ideas of a post-gender world and post-humanism (Neo-rising, 2023) or digisexuality (Fantasy Finery, 2020).

During her residency at Delfina Foundation, Monika intends to continue exploring theme: What is Art in the (Post) digital Age? and extend her research on an art dealing with the technologies and the new identity of the human being whose original form has been abstracted by digital space.

Monika Čejková is a curator of the next Fotograf Festival 2023: #Hypertension23 at National Gallery Prague and Ora et lege II at Broumov Monastery, 2023. Recent exhibitions include: The Palace of Concrete Poetry, at Writers House of Georgia in Tbilisi (2022); Neo-rising at Polansky Gallery in Prague (2022); Ora et lege I at Broumov Monastery (2021); Fantasy Finery at Berlínskej model Gallery in Prague (2021); and Blasted Heath at AM 180 Gallery in Prague (2020). She studied History of Art at the Charles University in Prague.

Monika is based in Prague, Czech Republic.


Arts and Theatre Institute, Czech Centre London, and Kunsthalle Praha


Winter 2023




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