Maya Marshak (South Africa/ Eswatini) works at the intersection of art and social-environmental research. She also works on an agroecological farm in Eswatini. In her research and artistic practices, Maya is interested in relations between humans and all life. Often this is through the lens of food and agriculture and the entanglements with other species and the complex social-ecological histories embedded within food systems. Her recent work explores relationships between place, land, and memory within agricultural landscapes.

During her residency at Delfina Foundation, as part of The Politics of Food programme (autumn 2022), Maya will draw on her fascination with archival material and interest in climate fiction. Through a body of drawings and paintings combined with animation titled ‘vision fields’, Maya wishes to explore the past and future ghosts within industrial agricultural fields. A ‘vision field’ is an area that can be seen when the eye is focused on a fixed point. This title reflects on the narrowness of industrial approaches to farming and the social and ecological injustices this way of knowing and seeing the world has created.

In partnership with

Chatham House


The Politics of Food:
Season 5


Autumn 2022

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