Maxime Hourani, Shelter I

Maxime Hourani (Lebanon) is an artist and architect in an age of skepticism. He was part of the Ashkal Alwan Home workspace program (2013). He recently participated in the 13th Istanbul Biennial and was part of the group exhibition Exposure at the Beirut Art Centre.

Maxime is engaged in a creative practice that is self-reflexive and communally critical. Often taking the form of performative acts that extend from or relate to a particular space or place, Maxime’s projects conceptually engage in chronotopic explorations that excavate and interweave layers of histories, forms, relations, and meanings embedded within geographies, while underscoring latent and evident power dynamics.

During his residency Maxime will be exploring the forms and modes of living in a commune. Moving between theory and small experiments in practice, the research will look at the commons, land use, public and private ownership, models of shelter, labor and exercise as an impetus for cohabitation. The proposal for a future commune is in collaboration with Ghalya Saadawi.


The Public Domain:
Season 1


Spring 2014


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