Matterlurgy (UK) is a collaboration between London-based artists Helena Hunter and Mark Peter Wright. Their work intersects art, ecology, science and technology, and operates across multiple platforms including installation, performance and sound.

During the residency Matterlurgy will experiment with climate data and digital making in ways that draw attention to the hidden or invisible aspects of anthropogenic change; working in relation to air pollution and waste infrastructures.

Previous projects have been presented at: The Showroom, ICA, Arts Catalyst, Ambika P3, Furtherfield, Raven Row, The Silver Building, (London), Frontiers in Retreat, HIAP (Helsinki), mima (Middlesbrough), Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre (Girona). Matterlurgy have recently been featured in the publications: Remain, Eds. Iona B. Jucan, Jussi Parikka, and Rebecca Schneider, University of Minnesota Press, 2019; and Longing for Hetrotopia, Sarah Hegenbart, Third Text, 2018.




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