Marwah AlMugait (Saudi Arabia) in her recent practice has been exploring shaping the invisible and forming the unfamiliar. Her work is a constant attempt to visually compose fragmented visions from her mind, which her eyes have never seen. In this, she perceives art mediums as tools to navigate through the layers of human consciousness, tracing their constant attempts of adaptation.

During her residency, Marwah will focus on performance as a form of expression, as well as a way through which she can capture motions conveying different emotions and energies. She also intends also to expand on her knowledge of art film production through looking into different bodies in order to analyse and study the process of making films based on expression, poetry and performance.

Marwah is from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and holds a BA in Business Administration from King Saud University, and an MA in Photojournalism from the University of Westminster (2012). While developing her visual perspective, Marwah has shifted from a commercial approach to photography to more conceptually-layered work. Her photographs tend to be intimate portraits of stories, providing the audience with a confidential glimpse into a private moment.

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