Manauara Clandestina (Brazil) is an artist whose works dialogue with new perspectives on the transgender life (PT. vida travesti) and questions the conditions of existences that permeate them.

Born the daughter of two pastors in Manaus, northwestern Brazil, the church and missionary activities played a central role in her childhood. Manauara became interested in performance after her involvement with amateur theatre during her teenage years, and later, after moving to São Paulo and beginning her gender transition, Manauara Clandestina was born, a performer of the night. Today Manauara continues to perform, but her practice as an artist has now expanded into an interdisciplinary field. Currently, in addition to her own research, she directs projects with the stylist Vicenta Perrotta.

Whilst in-residence at Delfina Foundation, Manauara will continue to work on Por enquanto 35, composed of polaroid portraits, working with the Brazilian trans community in London.

With support from

Frances Reynolds/Instituto Inclusartiz


Autumn 2020


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