Mamali Shafahi, V(!)Rology, #Fakenews #Fakescience, 2017. Installation view. Velvet covered fiberglass, 180x120x220cm.

Mamali Shafahi (Iran) is interested in how the internet and emerging technologies have transformed everything – from what’s real or unreal, to our relations with the world and other people, objects and images and how we use them. He is interest too in the effects these developments have had on art and the role of the artist. He believes the role of the artist is no longer to create and comment, or offer ideal visions from a pinnacle, but to sift, analyse, edit, juxtapose and present without comment. Mamali’s work brings together diverse media: drawing, painting, photography, film, installation and performance, in long-term themed projects, which as they progress, may give rise to intermediate exhibitions in various media at different stages of the project.

After studying photography and film in Tehran, Mamali moved to France to pursue studies in Fine Arts. Solo and group exhibitions include: Rotterdam Projection, 2018; V (i) R o l l u r g y, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, 2017; The Underworld and its emergent effects, (with Mimi Amini), Dastan Basement, Tehran, 2016; Daddy Sperm, Nicolas Silin gallery, 2013; Broken SD, Dastan Basement Gallery, Tehran, 2013; Occidental Icons, Nicolas Silin gallery, 2012; Wonderland: 2500 years celebrations, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam, 2009, and Nicolas Silin gallery, Paris, 2010; Mamali and his doves in art?, AARAN Gallery, Tehran, 2009; Lion under the rainbow, Art-Athina international art fair, 2008; My magic box, Azad gallery, Tehran, 2005.

Mamali has also curated the exhibition I. U. [Heart], Third Line gallery, Dubai, 2010; and Good City for Dreamers: contemporary Iranian photography, Paris, 2011. His work has also been featured in the book Different Sames: New Perspectives in Contemporary Iranian Art, Thames & Hudson, 2009.

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