Luisa Nobrega, ventriloquist series, ode to euphoria. two, 2013.

Luísa Nóbrega (Brazil) is an artist who explores the boundaries between different artistic disciplines. Blurring the lines between performance, video, literature and sound, her work is informed by the relationship between language and the body, and the points of lapse and friction between the two.

Luísa is based part time in Brazil where she graduated from University of Sao Paulo in Philosophy. In the last four years, Luísa has developed projects in Mexico, Guatemala, Iceland, Poland, Armenia, Ukraine and Lithuania and taken part in exhibitions such as Presence, Absence, Traces, POLIN Museum, Warsaw, Poland, Working days, Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo, Brasil, Turborealism, breaking ground, Donetsk, Ukraine and City as Process, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

She has collaborated with Al Reves a collective of contemporary electronic musicians through her vocal experiments and recording their album menagerie. Luísa also writes and is currently editing an anthology of poems titled I wanna be my werewolf.

During her residency at Delfina Foundation, Luísa will begin research and development for a new project, concerning the limits and possibilities of communication of two apparently contradictory language systems: lyrical singing and sign language.

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Moraes-Barbosa Collection


Performance as Process:
Season 2


Spring 2016

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