Lucia Gavulová (Slovakia) is a researcher, curator, publicist, editor and organiser of contemporary art projects, events and exhibitions with experience in institutional and freelance activities. She is focused on the most recent contemporary art scene and discourse since the nineties in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, focusing on artistic collaborations.

Running an art award for emerging and middle-aged generation artists in Slovakia, Lucia will use the time in London to meet the heads of local contemporary art awards and projects, which take care of the visual artists, helping them run their careers. During her residency, she would like to know some inspiring non-institutional platforms supporting contemporary art by developing an art discourse and make connections to the professionals in this field to build a network of potential cooperation.

She studied the history of art at Comenius University in Bratislava. She works in Slovak National Gallery as a curator of the Collections of Modern and Contemporary Art and editor-in-chief of 365° art magazine. Since 2018 she has been a director of the Foundation – Centre for Contemporary Arts and Oskár Čepan Award, Slovakian art prize for visual artists founded in 1996. The exhibition Disappearing Body, which she curated for Slovak National Gallery is on view till 8 May 2022.

With support from

Kunsthalle Praha


Spring 2022


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