Lorenzo Pezzani (Italy) is a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths University’s Centre for Research Architecture. His practice-based research looks at how the afterlife of various buildings, monuments, migrant bodies and images could enhance, through profanation, the production of a new postcolonial ecology.

During his residency at Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency in the West Bank, Lorenzo’s research focused on the relationship between space and law in “Area C”, the part of West Bank under administrative and military Israeli control. He particularly looked at the legality of space that falls within the thickness of the line drawn on a decisive map during the Oslo process to designate areas A, B and C.  Less than a millimetre thick when drawn on the scale of 1:20,000, this measured more than 5 meters in real space. DAAR has continued to elaborate on the lawless line through research, exhibitions and blogging.

Following his residency, Lorenzo wrote an article in Contemporary Practices about DAAR.

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