Courtesy Lorenzo Pezzani.

Lorenzo Pezzani (UK associate) is a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths University’s Centre for Research Architecture. Lorenzo is part of the research team at Forensic Oceanography, an initiative with Charles Heller, produced in the frame of the ERC funded project “Forensic Architecture – Goldsmiths, Centre for Research Architecture”. Forensic Oceanography critically investigates the militarised border regime in the Mediterranean Sea, mapping the liquid geographies of maritime jurisdictions in order to document the violence perpetrated against migrants at sea. By producing maps, visualisations, human right reports, videos, articles, exhibitions and websites, Forensic Oceanography interrogates this maritime sensorium in the attempt to challenge the regime of visibility imposed by surveillance means and become a tool in the struggle for freedom of movement.

Lorenzo was a joint resident with Delfina Foundation and Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency in 2010 in Beit Sahour, Palestine.


The Public Domain:
Season 1


Spring 2014


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