Courtesy: Lina Romanukha.

Lina Romanukha (Ukraine) is a curator and cultural manager based in Kyiv, holding an MA in Cultural Studies from Kyiv Moghyla Academy. She has worked in various roles, including as the coordinator of the international educational project The Procession of Icons at the Les Kurbas National Theatre Centre. For two years, she was the photographer and manager of the first independent gallery in Ukraine, Karas, conducting an inventory of art collections, and has held a role at the PinchukArtCentre.

Furthermore, she has curated and participated in a number of performances at festivals, such as GogolFest (Ukraine), StadFestival (Netherlands), and ArtPole (Ukraine), and organised lectures on contemporary art and exhibitions of young Ukrainian artists.

Lina has contributed a number of articles to Ukrainian art publications and online platforms,including ArtUkraine and

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