Leandro Pesantes (Ecuador) in his practice considers the concepts of nature, spirituality, ritual, tension and entropy. Through his work he seeks to generate dialogues between the various media afforded by the visual arts, including painting, sculpture and installation. The composition of space, and the distribution of forms and pigments, are among the core issues he explores: reinvesting matter with its deeply symbolic character, focusing on animals and the nature of things, and probing the tension and accident of rituals.

Leandro Pesantes was born with Saturn ruling the Capricorn ascendant in Aries in Guayaquil, Ecuador, 1986. He trained at the Technological Institute of Arts in Ecuador (I.T.A.E,) and obtained a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Arts in Guayaquil, majoring in painting and sculpture. He currently lives and works in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


EACHEVE and Artus Ecuador

with additional support from

Delfina Foundation’s Network of Latin America and the Caribbean Patrons


Winter 2023

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